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KPSL has become one of the most trusted names in providing reliable and secured Logistics and Warehousing services in the Logistics and Supply chain industry. The trust earned from our clients is what procures projects and multinational logistics offers to our kind of business.

Any business can run smoothly and can achieve greater heights of success only when its logistics and warehousing needs are well-structured and well-managed. KPSL provides loading of cargo, transportation and offloading of cargo services to clients. Our fleet of vehicles handles all types of cargo with different shipping volumes at any time and to anywhere. We exist to fulfil your entire simple and complex logistics and warehousing needs, providing you with both complete and customized services.

We understand the importance of the safety of goods while moving them to a delivery destination. We know that any damage to goods can cause a significant loss to our customer. We therefore take essential safety measures to ensure that no damage is incurred while transporting and even in our warehouses. At KPSL, our secured and spacious warehouse presents spacious lengths and breadths to handle your shipments for an agreed period of time.

The management of our warehouses are under our most trusted and carefully trained staff. All goods in our custody are insured against all allied perils. All forms of good as agreed with our warehousing policies are accepted for storage and transportation arranged to destination of choice as promised in the signed agreement.

Safety is a virtue which we never compromise. Our responsibility as far as our business is concerned is to make sure what you present to us in storage is kept under all safety standards and presented to you.

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